Making the right financial choices, for now and the future. Making finances understandable and transparent for everyone. That is what we do. By linking together all money matters with banks, insurers and financial service providers in a platform.


Topicus & Finance

Clear and understandable. That is what finance should be for everyone. For service providers, but also for consumers. We work on this every day. By working with banks, insurers, advisers and service providers, we develop smart systems. Systems that process all financial data efficiently and provide insight. Our strength? Connecting different systems so that, as a consumer, you can view and manage all your financial data in one place, in one overview, and thus keep a firm grasp on it. Where you as a professional can optimally help your client by offering insight, without getting bogged down in red tape. Financial impact through IT. For consumers. And for the entire financial sector.

"Consumers need to understand their entire financial situation so that they are better able to make responsible money choices"

Clint van Haalen
Director sector Finance