Personalised learning and more time for each student. And teachers who are once again engaged in their profession. We contribute to this with smart platforms for primary and secondary education.


Topicus & Education

No singular kind of student exists, every student is different. With their own needs, level and development. We believe that every student is entitled to the learning path that suits them. As well as personal guidance from a teacher, without the distraction of administrative burdens. Our IT solutions provide the teacher with continuous insight and overview in order to respond to the individual learning and development process of the student. Insight into results, into skills and into social-emotional development. Our goal is to support teachers so that they can do what they do best: teach. We ensure that administrative burdens are reduced, so that there is more attention for the students. That is what we want to achieve: impact in education.

'Every student is different. Opportunities to support each child in developing their talents is a necessity.'

Dirk Jan Timmer
Director sector Education