Simple policy-based decision-making in primary education

One overview with all the necessary information and insights for school boards. With the modules Onsbeleidsplan (English: ‘Our Policy) and Mijnschoolplan (‘My School Plan)’ from ParnasSys is writing, securing and bringing policy and school plans to life less time-consuming.


Create school plans while retaining the necessary information about policy, and bring the plans to life in the blink of an eye.

Every school is required to offer the best education, monitored by the Inspectorate. Now more than ever is the school, together with its board, at the helm to ensure quality education. This information must be captured in a coherent policy and school plan—where too often a bottleneck occurs. Writing a school plan that adheres to all requirements is unnecessarily time-consuming, and is often done by copying and pasting large parts of previous plans. Once written, the plan often ends up deep in a drawer. How can school boards ensure that this information is clear and coherent, while providing all the necessary insights for the coming years, without spending unnecessary amounts of time writing everything down?

Assignment for Topicus

Develop a system that allows schools and school boards to be more in control. By simplifying the process of writing a school plan, it will be easier to prioritise and single out certain points for approvement, based on these plans, within a convenient system for all schools.

ParnasSys Onsbeleidsplan

With ParnasSys Onsbeleidsplan, school boards can easily create a strategic policy using the example texts available in the module, which can be exported at the push of a button. 

Our approach and solution

The biggest bottlenecks to this process were identified through cooperation of various parties. The time and effort that goes into writing the policy and school plan, coupled with the lack of a clear location where these policies can be evaluated by administrators and subsequently brought to life led to an unnecessarily complicated situation. The solution? Onsbeleidsplan and Mijnschoolplan make use of existing solutions, linked to the ParnasSys prouct portfolio via smart integrations.

With ParnasSys Onsbeleidsplan, school boards can easily create a strategic policy using the example texts available. Once exported with a single click, these texts can be modified to suit the school. No hassle, no copying and pasting in Word. The necessary policies and action points can easily be sent out to corresponding schools. In the module, one can evaluate basic quality according to the latest frameworks, while working out points of improvement in annual plans, based on the available information. Via Mijnschoolplan, schools use texts and points of improvement provided by the school board, modifying these to fit their own school plan and quality evaluations. Through these two modules, the policy of the board and the policy of the school are seamlessly connected, making monitoring easy.

Impact with IT

The greatest impact is the improvement of mutual cooperation between the administration and schools. Policy matters can be arranged from a central point. The linking of the modules ensures more effective processes when it comes to the policy and school plan. Writing, capturing and driving the policy and school plans is less time-consuming and, through the examples provided in the modules, meets the standard requirements of the inspectorate. In short: it takes less time, gives more certainty and the space to secure action points based on the policy.

A total of 2,115 organisations (schools and boards) are using one or more Parnasys School Quality modules. 

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