Sustainability with innovative platform

Residential sustainability is desperately needed to meet both climate challenges and high energy prices. Read our case below and download the link for the demo.


Topicus simplifies sustainability process with innovative platform

We are facing a climate crisis, an energy crisis and a housing crisis. Making homes more sustainable is desperately needed to meet both climate challenges and high energy prices. With the current economic outlook, many people are choosing to stay in their current homes resulting in a slowdown of the flow. The good news is that we may be able to kill several birds with one stone. After all, lenders and banks are striving to maximise the share of sustainable financing in their portfolios. And the government is making funding available for housing sustainability. That sets in motion a movement towards accelerated sustainability. What was still missing was a process in which financiers, government, consumers and implementers of sustainability work together. That process is now in place, in the form of an accessible online sustainability platform that can be used by lenders.

Property value up, energy costs down

Low interest rates on savings, combined with high energy costs, make many homeowners decide to invest in sustainability. The value of their property increases, as the house is more saleable with a better energy label. And energy costs fall. It’s a win-win.

As so often, in practice this process proves unruly. Many questions arise, for example, what about subsidies? Can I increase my mortgage? Where can I find a reliable solar panel installation company? Soon, consumers can no longer see the wood for the trees. So, many opportunities for sustainability are lost.

Integrated platform

As a 'process simplifier', Topicus has shown in healthcare, education, finance and the social domain that a lot is possible with smart IT. Topicus Connected Finance, a Finance division business line, has cut its teeth in the sustainability process, coming up with a unique integrated platform.

In six simple steps, consumers go through the process and see the options, investments and returns. Data on their property is retrieved from a number of institutions, for example, the Land Registry and the WOZ office. The relevant lender adds its conditions and products which ensures that the application is validated immediately. The result of the calculation thus effectively equals acceptance.

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How does it work?

If the property is eligible for sustainability measures, the applicant follows a few simple steps on the bank or lender's customer portal. After an introduction, the current status of the property is displayed, such as the value of the home, energy costs and energy label. After the customer has indicated which sustainability measures, if any, have already been taken, the (additional) options are shown, such as insulation, solar panels and a heat pump.

The customer indicates their preferences, after which the financing of the investment is proposed. Here, the customer can indicate whether there is equity and what the desired fixed-interest period is. Financing takes place via a mortgage or via the government's energy savings loan. The sustainability subsidy (up to 30%) is included in the calculation. And information is provided on the new way to apply for an energy label. In line with EU directives, an energy consultant visits for this purpose, drawing up a report and indicating points of improvement. Finally, a page with the summary follows and the customer indicates whether they want to submit the financing application independently or with an adviser.

The process does not stop with financing. The platform works with De Energiebespaarders (The Energy Savers), a national network of certified contractors and installers of sustainability measures. Getting a quote for the chosen sustainability measures is part of the process, with prices that are always up to date. Just under 150,000 homeowners have already made their homes more sustainable through De Energiebespaarders and rate the network with an average of 8/10.

Unique in the market

Prior to this, there was no online sustainability platform in existence in the market at this level. Having such a platform offers benefits on four fronts: it accelerates sustainability and thus contributes to the Paris Climate Agreement; it helps lenders fill their portfolios with more sustainable financing; it supports advisers in their client's financing application; and it facilitates homeowners in their sustainability needs. In short, there is now a platform that goes through the total chain in the customer journey in home sustainability.

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