Secure a mortgage quickly and easily. With smart IT, we ensure that the processing of a mortgage application is easier, more efficient and faster.

A more transparant and flexible mortgage process

We empower people to make their own responsible choices. This is the case when buying a house and taking out a mortgage. By reducing manual - and error-prone - work and making processes more efficient, we make the processing of mortgage applications easier and faster. We connect the consumer with the advisor and together they choose a suitable mortgage lender. As a result, the consumer gets clarity faster.

'People know faster whether they can afford the house of their dreams.'

Clint van Haalen
Director sector Finance

Financial information is clear and easy to understand, for now and the future. That way, we make people more self-reliant, and a suitable mortgage is easily accessible.

  • Benefits

  • Quicker clarity on financial possibilities
  • Lower costs due to more efficient handling
  • More time for advice because of automated data entry
  • Correct, complete, appropriate applications for mortgage lenders
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