Secondary education

Good education comes from teachers who have the time and space to focus on the growth and development of their students. With a smart software platform guaranteeing less administration and more insight, we ensure that teachers get that time and space again."

Making time for students and teaching

Every student should be able to tap into his or her full potential, aided by devoted educators with significant time to spend engaged with their students. But with scarce time and minimal insight into student development, how? With our student monitoring system for secondary education, we automate administration where possible and make important data easily accessible. Educators have more time and resources to support students in their growth and development.

"Our software gives educators the space to support students in their growth and development.'

Gerben Hilberink
Operations manager Somtoday

Manageable workdays for educators

Somtoday was created to make educators’ workload manageable: by largely automating administrative tasks, and providing a clear overview of important student information, necessary for optimal student support and personalized education. For example, Somtoday provides insight into grades, attendance, or the development of a single student or entire class. The time educators save can be spent with students again.

  • Somtoday because

  • Less administration, more time for teaching
  • Works well with customized education
  • More insight into performance per student, class or school
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