Primary education

Every student is entitled to a suitable learning route. Our IT solutions reduce the workload of educators while enabling customized learning for students.

Time for education

Good education is the foundation of our future. By good education, we mean education where each child has the option to follow the most suitable learning path. That is why we offer a platform that connects all the people, systems, and data, giving educators insight into student development, involving parents/caregivers in school life, and giving school leaders a grasp on the development of their school and team. Our smart software reduces the administrative burden, leaving more time for education.

'Digitization in education means an all-in-one solution for me. I always have the student files on hand, so I can easily follow and adjust the development of each student.'

Teacher primary school de Sterappel

Our platform provides insight. By automating administrative tasks, we help educators anticipate the individual needs of each student. We do this by providing insight into results and development and the ability to adapt teaching materials accordingly. We also reduce the distance between parents and schools with additional modules and we help school boards to make smart strategic choices for the future. By consistently providing schools with the right solutions, we became the number one student monitoring system in Dutch primary schools.

  • Benefits

  • Most complete student monitoring system
  • Insight into group and individual results and development
  • Easy to use with optimal support
  • Easily connect with other educational systems
Would you like more information?

Check the ParnasSys website for more information about the platform or contact Dirk Jan Timmer