Pension and wealth

Having control over the financial future and the chance to make dreams come true. We make pension and wealth management clear and transparent, so that responsible choices can be made, for now and for the future.

Reaching goals

Everyone has dreams and goals for the future. By saving, investing and building up a pension, you can make those dreams come true. But how do you manage your assets wisely? How can you make responsible decisions or take advantage of financial opportunities? Topicus makes wealthmanagement clear and transparent using user-friendly software and by connecting with existing systems. That’s how we create an wealthmanagement world in which everyone can make the best choices for later.

'With digitalization in wealth management we create transparency and insight. Whether it's about the daily cash flow or realizing dreams through investments and pensions.'

Frank Schooneveldt
Directeur Businessline Pension & Wealth

The Topicus Pension & Wealth platform is changing the world of wealth management. It combines complex data sets into user-friendly wealth and pension dashboards for banks and insurers. This enables them to provide insight into the current and future financial situation by means of scenarios and prognoses. That way, everyone can make the best choices for their own situation. And dreams become reality, with the help of advisers.

  • Benefits:

  • Overview of finances, funds and goals with user-friendly dashboards
  • Understanding of pension, possible shortfalls and scenario’s to complement them
  • Insight into different (future) scenarios
  • More targeted advice for insurance and pension advisers
  • Efficient processing for wealth managers
Would you like more information?

Visit the Topicus Pension & Wealth website for more information about the platform or contact Frank Schooneveldt