Business Lending

Making entrepreneurial dreams come true. That is our aim. Helping passionate entrepreneurs to grow their business and keep it healthy, by providing insight into financing opportunities and making suitable business financing available.

The right match

Promising businesses often fail at an early stage. They do not get the chance to grow, because good financing does not seem feasible, or the right financier cannot be found. We are changing this. Our Lending Platform brings all parties involved together in one place, enabling the financial advisor, with the help of smart IT, to quickly match the entrepreneur's request with the most suitable financier.

We increase the chances of successful credit applications to achieve growth for entrepreneurs.'

Jamie Burink
Head of Business Lending

The strength of our platform is connecting supply and demand, or demand and solution. It connects entrepreneur, advisor and financier based on clear requirements and criteria, mostly automated. This allows the advisor to swiftly give the entrepreneur insight into the chances of success on the application, and financiers to efficiently process applications. But most importantly: realizing the entrepreneur's dream.

  • Benefits

  • A better chance for large and small companies to obtaining financing
  • Faster processing of credit applications
  • Advisors helping entrepreneurs find the financier that suits them
  • Financiers save time and costs through automated processing
Would you like more information?

Visit the Fyndoo website for more information on the platform or contact Jamie Burink