Screening and prevention

Prevention and early detection of health problems for millions of people. With our software, we contribute to effective screening, detection and public health communication.

Saving lives

Our wish is for a healthy society. A society in which fewer people have to deal with illness and suffering. In which we discover risks at an early age, and everyone gets the healthcare they need on time. We want to make such a society possible, along with governments, healthcare providers and citizens by developing software that makes it possible to optimally use disease prevention such as vaccinations and population screening. We connect the parties involved, automate processes, and make sharing information easy. So that everyone is protected, known and helped.

Through prevention and early detection, society becomes healthier and healthcare more affordable.'

Christiaan Mast
Manager business line Public Health

With our platform, we want to shift the focus from healthcare to health. We help child health centers vaccinate in time, so that children do not contract measles or rubella. By supporting population screening, we ensure that a father of a family discovers bowel cancer on time. We want to keep people healthy and facilitate early help. By connecting people, knowledge and prevention systems and screening to primary care, we also make healthcare more efficient and effective. That way, good healthcare remains accessible and affordable. Now and in the future.

  • Why Topicus

  • Less disease, healthier society
  • Fewer patients in care
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • More cooperation
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