You carry your worries with you all day long, so why not share them with your doctor? We offer digital help when it suits the patient, but it also helps the healthcare provider. Medical care with the convenience of the Internet and the value of a personal consultation.

We want patients to receive customized care and we want healthcare providers to be able to focus on providing care with as little burden as possible. We make this possible by digitizing care processes in cooperation with healthcare providers and patients. It leads to solutions with a good balance between self-management by the patient and personal attention from the healthcare provider. Patients receive the care they need and healthcare providers have more time for the most important healthcare issues.

'Personal healthcare with the speed of the Internet. That is what we are working on!'

Rosa Scherjon
First and second line healthcare business line manager

With our platform, we can help healthcare providers deliver tailored care to patients. Live video calls, online triage and chats with the right healthcare provider. That way, the patient can consult with the healthcare provider, ask important questions or even arrange a referral in a safe, accessible manner. That is how we ensure more efficient healthcare for both healthcare provider and patient.

  • Benefits

  • Starting from the patient's strengths
  • Focus on the most important healthcare issues
  • Offering more tailored services to patients
  • Less workload
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