Redevelopment of Topicus offices in Deventer

17 juni 2020 • Deventer • 1 minuut lezen

IT company Topicus wants to redevelop its offices opposite the railway station to make it an attractive place to work, learn, live and relax. The municipality has explored what is possible at this image-defining site on the edge of the city centre. Topicus and the municipality are now entering into discussions with local residents and other stakeholders.

Alderman Liesbeth Grijsen: ‘This development is in line with our ambitions for an economically strong Deventer. In the area near the station, we want to stimulate cooperation between knowledge companies and education. That way, we ensure that Deventer remains attractive for companies and young talent.’

Topicus Director, Henk Jan Knol remarked: "Topicus anticipates that the battle to attract and retain talented ICT employees will become much fiercer in the coming years. A location where our employees can work, learn, live and relax in the middle of society (in short, the Topicus campus), is therefore very strategic for us. Especially for young IT talent, the Topicus campus can be a clear and distinctive reason to choose Topicus. And this makes the Topicus campus crucial for the growth and future of Topicus.”

Topicus Carré

Participation process starts

Over the past period, the municipality has explored the preconditions for redevelopment and the possibilities at this location. This has been incorporated into a draft Topicus Carré Development Perspective. Topicus and the municipality will discuss this with local residents and other stakeholders.

Further process

Once discussions have been held with all stakeholders, the revised Development Perspective will be submitted to the municipal council for decision-making. A master plan will then be drawn up and it will become more clear what it could look like. Once the master plan is adopted, the zoning plan will also have to be adapted. 

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