Topicus provides navigation and information system (NIS) for ambulances and fire services

24 februari 2023 • 3 minuten lezen

Topicus Ambulance Care provides a new navigation and information system (NIS) for ambulance and fire services. For this, Topicus Ambulancezorg is collaborating with German supplier Rescuetrack. Rescuetrack is a leading party in the field of NIS for ambulance and fire service organisations in Germany and Switzerland.

The NIS provides an intelligent navigation system where the underlying navigation model is continuously optimised based on the driver's driving behaviour. Advanced machine learning methods are used for this purpose, which have been specially developed by Rescuetrack for this purpose. Here, road blocks are automatically processed via Melvin in the route calculation and the NIS has control of entry barriers via SOS Access. 

Besides the navigation screen, the NIS consists of a black box that communicates with the control room via the LSIV-NG, the national server for incidents, and collects data including vehicle data for fleet and management purposes. Besides manual statuses, automatic statuses are also part of the NIS capabilities. In the event of new or changed incidents from the control room, address data, patient data and other incident data are clearly displayed with a notification on the 10" navigation screen.

This collaboration with Rescuetrack is in response to signals from the ambulance market to take navigation and information services to the next level.

Renate Bongaards
Manager Ambulancezorg at Topicus
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