Every citizen may need help at some point during their lifetime. We ensure that municipalities can offer the right support at the right time. By connecting municipalities, residents and social care partners, and by responding to the needs of the resident.

Municipalities want to offer every resident the appropriate support. Even when time and resources are limited. We help by tailoring the assistance to the needs of the citizens. Smart IT solutions enable residents to deal with not too complex social care requests quickly and independently. This frees up time, money and energy for those residents who need more assistance. In the end, everyone gets the help they need.

'We don't just automate, we help address social needs.'

Dirk Verbeek
Director of Social Domain sector

Connecting people, systems and data through IT platforms enables optimal cooperation between the right people. Municipalities, social care providers and citizens are united in a team, ensuring the right care is offered at the right time. By working together and pro-actively problems can be prevented to a certain extent. By promoting smooth communication, residents' concerns can be identified early stage and assigned to the appropriate professionals, resulting in effective support.

We want every municipality to be able to provide effective social care, now and in the future This requires insight in performance, available resources and societal developments. Our software combines data from many sources and analyzes and presents these in comprehensive manner. Municipalities can control budgets and are able to determine and set and monitor their strategic goals.

Social involvement is the driving force to come up with solutions that really contribute to the well-being of many Dutch people.

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