Amsterdam municipality brings residents and social workers closer together with Gidso

13 augustus 2020 • Deventer • 2 minuten lezen

The City of Amsterdam and youth-care organization OKT Amsterdam have selected Topicus' social care management platform Gidso,  following a public tender. The platform makes support in the social domain more accessible, signals requests for help from citizens quicker, provides direct communication between residents and care providers and facilitates the use of eHealth.

With the conclusion of the agreement, Topicus further expands its footprint in the social domain. Dirk Verbeek, Managing Director Social Domain at Topicus: 'We are proud of this cooperation and the power of our IT solutions for the social domain. We see many opportunities to employ Gidso for organizing social care and support and offer online options for care provisioning through eHealth solutions and screening tools.' In January 2021, the OKT Amsterdam team will start using the system.

‘With Gidso, we take an important step towards a single social care management system for the various sectors of the Social Domain.’

Liesbeth Pot
Manager Information provision Cluster Social at City Counsel Amsterdam

A direct pathway from request to support

Within Gidso, the social care management system, citizens stand front and center. They have to tell their story only once. After that, Gidso continuously offers the right information at the right time, not only for the professional but for the resident as well. The flow of information through the various stages of care provisioning supports swift direct action through offering the citizen the required care directly if possible or, alternatively, by refrerring them to the right care provider. Problems are acknowledged sooner, allowing help to be provided at an earlier stage, sometimes preventing problems from spiraling out of control. Social workers can add information real time and securely to the files and share it with other stakeholders, both professionals and clients.  A big step forward in terms of management, information provision and security.

Residents 'at work' with eHealth

Gidso, the social care management system, features an online portal for direct communication between residents with care needs, informal caregivers and care providers, as well as facilitating eHealth. The latter is not yet widely used within the social domain in Amsterdam. With eHealth, residents are assisted when working on their recovery. If needed, a professional will come to their aid. Using this method, clients are encouraged to put personal effort in recovering from illness, resulting in faster restoration of their health and well-being. With Gidso, we enable significant progress by deploying eHealth within the social domain in Amsterdam.

Source: Techvisor

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